Rumors say that back in the mid 1960 extremely talented designer was decided to change the trivial vision of furniture producement. His most popular design was entered in mass production around the early ‘70s and soon became a bestseller. Unfortunately his initial idea to add some personality in chair design turned to be the next rusty template for mass production. His traces were lost back in the late ‘70s when he left his motherland illegally and moved to Australia to explore new horizons.

What we did

We love his design so much that made not one but 3 beautiful recreations of this piece of art.
**This Pixels set consists of a chair and a stool


Remarkable with its minimalistic lines and vision, this beautiful chair is known for its innovative elbow rests connected to its legs. The name of the designer happens to be lost in time but part of his story still floats around the antiquarian circles to deepen the mystery around it.

Set Price: €280

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