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About Us

Pavlina Desheva (left) and Mila Grigorova (right)

Collaborative Friendship

What brought us together in this project is our mutual passion towards old and real things. We are part of this Generation Y that still cherishes antiques and items with historical value. Like real private detectives we got obsessed over understanding the story behind every single item that crossed our way and this is how Kreslo.Studio was born.

We know each other from the startup circles in Bulgaria, both being Board Members of the biggest entrepreneurship organization in the country – Start It Smart. In 2014 we were both selected for 5 weeks educational program in USA, learning business in Babson College and IIE.

With diverse interests in the fields of business, regional development, startups, innovation, informatics, event management, marketing, web and interior design and many hobbies, working with old furniture is a dream come true!

Here is just a small summary of our previous experiences and background:

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Respect to the works of art in our hands comes first in everything we do

Both non-designers in terms of “real profession” but with a nudge from each other, we decided to pursue this adventure in the depths of the early 80s and 90s and found out furniture that took our breaths away.

We wanted to share these beauties with the world and to give them a little bit new modern vibe using colors and materials, but keeping the wood as real and unique as it was when it was first created.

We also want to thank our amazing friends and people who helped us make this possible:
Elly (photographer); Bibons (PR); Valko (designer);
Raycho, Radko and Ognyan.

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