Did you know that the building of the iconic Hotel Rodina is 104 meters high (or 25 floors) and is the second highest building completed in the capital?
And there, at the top of this miracle of architectural brutality, is the hotel’s night bar, which has witnessed many over the years.


After several auctions for the sale of the hotel, the same fate comes to the furniture that occupies it. Of course, for us it was more than a good opportunity to fill our collection and so we got the emblematic “Rodina” armchairs.

What we did

Under layers of damask we finally revealed the truth about their condition, but the more interesting stories remained tactically silent. We repaired and restored the metal feet, we refreshed the texture with relief and contrasting navy blue and lemon fabric that go hand in hand.
**The set consists of two armchairs

Original Set Price: €220

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