The central piece in our first collection is definitely the biggest find so far.
We discovered the full set the legendary ‘canadian model’ untouched by men, like it was frozen in time. The traces of the story behind this bijoux led us back in 1930s in greatly expanding city of Rousse. The set belonged to a bourgeois family. After World War II the family was forced to leave the country and leave almost all their belongings behind.

Somehow this beauties managed to survive the upcoming series of unfortunate events.

What we did

We only polished the wooden components and waxed them. We’ve chosen blue and pink as the dominant colors — the color contrast represents the power of time and bridges the gap between the dazzling past and the promising future.
**The set consists of two lady chairs, two gentlemen chairs, a sofa, coffee table and two stools.

Set Price: €3,000

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