Bulgarian Rose

We found these chairs buried in the basement of the St. Paraskeva church. The search for the history of their origin was long and full of speculations, as the model resembles one of the famous Thonet’s. The quality of the materials and the workmanship proved to be misleading for many antiquarians, but the truth finally came to light.


Dated back to the early 1920s, these beauties were produced in a no-longer existing furniture works in Kazanlak, and the model is named after the beautiful Bulgarian Rose. The precision of the ornamentations is extremely impressive, as well as the overall condition of the construction and the components of the chairs.

What we did

Fortunately, we managed to remove the old layers of paint put over the years and to unleash the brilliance of the wood again. We dressed them up in millennial pink to honour this romantic time passed.

**The set consists of 2 chairs and a stool


Status: SOLD

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